Kage no tabi

A Dark Journey Begins
Big Trouble in Little Rokugan

A merchant’s son, a keen-eyed archer, a brutish warrior and an otherworldly Shugenja are summoned before the great Daimyo of the Crab. The massive, imposing man gives them a task taking them beyond the wall to a village that has gone silent. The Mantis merchant is to command a ship that will take them to the village and use his expert alchemy to aid them with his bodyguard, the archer. The Brutish warrior knows the area from his childhood and is revealed to be an inhuman orc, raised by a Kuni shugenja who is both feared and revered for her power. The enigmatic Isawa Shugenja, who’s eyes sparkle like the stars in the heavens has a strange connection that may bring insight into their journeys. Once at the blasted village, it is found to have been razed, the outer buildings burning down to almost nothing and a crater as the center of town where nothing is to be found. The only soul they find in the village is a witch who tries to invoke the foul maho magic upon them, but is blinded by the quick thinking Phoenix before the others end it’s life.


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